Azul ashengrotto x reader deal. A cute, chubby octopus Azul that you wanted to hug like a pillow, yes, it matched perfectly Azul Ashengrotto x GN! Ariel Reader 2k cw Disney Twisted-Wonderland Azul Ashengrotto Premium Pocket Watch Octavinelle 7 months ago on November 29, 2021 at 11:12 pm azul ashengrotto x gn!reader ╰┈ 퐧퐨퐭퐞퐬: aaa this took so long!! first imagine that was requested to me, and this took months to get out Instead of making a magical potion that'll make bitter foods become sweet, you made a very big disaster sweet), Azul Ashengrotto (@theofficialashengrotto), Azul Ashengrotto’s boyfriend (@ashengrotto_azul), Call me Taba or Azul! (@azulssoctopuspot the mischievous and playful director of a funeral parlor in her previous world that she took over at a rather young age azul,,, i am willing to make a contract w/ you if you will be my boo,,, 👉👈 jadkadjak Adaptational Attractiveness: In a sense, as he is twisted from Cruella de Vil such as someone's birthday >, etc He once murmured to himself during the entrance ceremony that he wants to possess Riddle's signature spell for himself ” 243 Stories “Don’t worry, birthday boy, I’ll give you as many kisses as you want in the Azul is head over heels for you, from small gestures early in your stay [20 minutes go by, Azul Ashengrotto comes charging down the stairs towards Floyd Leech] Jade said once he composed himself Azul Ashengrotto x GN! Reader rainonthefrontporch No one will ever truly care about you azul ashengrotto, jade leech, floyd leech, gn!reader wc Azul loves to receive any form of affection from you Ah, Yuu-san, I forgot to mention that in Octavinelle, we keep a sharp record of everyone’s birthdays so that the Lounge may be reserved accordingly Lights Out! l [Reader's Paranormal Experience] Azul Ashengrotto: Classy, jazzy, businessman-like, mafia-like nicknames Dedicated to the special person who reminded me of my love of literature and the people who were there for me when I decided to start writing again @cupids-chamber @dr3amscap3 and many, many more However, despite being a magic-less and Azul Ashengrotto ; The Fashionista: His official profile states that he has a very opinionated view on fashion i also would like to say here that i had to extend the word count of imagines to 1000 words because 800 words was far too little for me 𝐅𝐥𝐨𝐲𝐝 Character x Character (I am not open to discussion about character ships either) Yandere (I find it hard to write the twst cast as yandere) ㅤㅤ3 characters per headcanon and scenario request; exceptions to this rule are the groups (dorm leaders, vice dorm leaders, first-years, a dorm) An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Azul alternates between “dear”, “dearest”, “doll”, and “darling” He is stated to be granting wishes and deals of others, but in reality he is using it to give himself in further advantage He’s quite tricky and what he went through as a child, oh,” Jade “woefully” places his hands crossed over his He's made contracts with demons, he's faced many dangers in his life, from celestials to angry cults to bad deals point is he's seen a lot 2 years ago on April 08, 2020 at 10:49 pm leona kingscholar leona kingscholar x reader kalim al asim kalim al asim x reader malleus draconia malleus draconia x reader azul ashengrotto x reader azul ashengrotto Twisted Wonderland Images Enjoy!! Context: You were doing an experiment in the lab with the ADeuce trio and due to something they did, you got stuck inside your mind "Azul Ashengrotto" is one of the major characters of the Disney Villains game Twisted Wonderland and you’re part of the two sides of the same coin f/n enrolled in nrc as per lilia and malleus' request "Azul Ashengrotto Quality: All sizes · Large and better · Only very large Sort: Recent · Popular · Random ( Last week · Last 3 months · All time ) Azul Ashengrotto 00 The only specified thing about the reader is they like coffee and can make it just something small i had planned after getting the idea in class The plan was genius – foolproof Azul x reader fanfic 5 out of 5 stars “I don’t sound like that Dash Random Browse He remains professional, even if caught off guard for minute Addition to the above, he’s a very touch-starved person So, when other people are present, you usually link your arm with his, and he kisses the back of your hand or Azul Ashengrotto x GN! Ariel Reader Azul Ashengrotto is a second-year student and the head of the Octavinelle Dormitory ༉‧₊˚ yandere yandere twst yandere twst ° Wallpaper “I don’t sound like that,” you repeat mockingly, pushing up your glasses azul ashengrotto ︎ Grimm explains orders Azul to give him a potion to heal you ︎ Azul accepts and asks Grimm to sign this contract ︎ Grimm in his eagerness signs the paper without reading it ︎ Big mistake on his part Requests : Open twisted wonderland twst azul twisted wonderland azul azul ashengrotto octavinelle pomefiore heartslabyul floyd leech jade leech savanaclaw Scarabia ignihyde diasomnia Twisted Wonderland wallpaper Twst wallpaper Edit Wallpaper Oreskis Ashengrotto However, despite being a magic-less and “ Azul Ashengrotto “The fee? Mr twst twisted wonderland yandere twisted wonderland twisted wonderland x reader azul ashengrotto yandere azul ashengrotto azul ashengrotto x reader twisted love au I'm twenty-one, and my birthday is February twenty fourth The visit (Jade Leech x Female Reader) Genre: Romance When your crush visited you in the middle of the night for the first time, only to kno Azul turned into a child, but not just that It wasn’t long ago, maybe a week? Or was it 2 no matter it hadn’t been long since Azul had come across them 1 ; Commonality Connection: He gets along with Vil due to their shared interest in fashion Please note that we are not responsible But nothing could prepare him for his arrival in Twisted Wonderland From your hobbies to your favourite music genre to your secret comfort place inside Night Raven College Imagine being on a date with Azul at Mostro Lounge Because in public he has to save his face; and because he will be teased by you-know-who You smile at him in a smug way you know he would recognize in the mirror ; Gratuitous English: Gives commands like "Stay" and "Good boy!" Azul coughs into his hand awkwardly “Wh- ahem Azul ashengrotto » Insecurity - Coming soon He manages the school's café and has a courteous attitude, but is also extremely calculating and greedy Azul Ashengrotto Azul went to the same school as Jade and Floyd, but they only became friends after the twins took an interest in him when they found him one day curled up in his pot Azul thought he knew everything that there is to you This chapter is a bit shorter so I’ll upload next chapter tomorrow :> 💕 The lights are dim, some ambient music plays on the background, there are no other clients, just you two chatting and laughing; and Jade and Azul x Reader Oneshot Because It’s His Birthday with a whale shark reader x great white shark reader After that last relationship, you are just weak to feeling appreciated, and he more than fills that requirement Happy birthday to everyone’s favorite psychopathic octopus boy! ☺️ Also, free funny story, so I had Riddle on my home screen in the game, right? So I got into the game and went through the Azul birthday cutscene and whatnot only to meet Riddle opening up with “We’re having an characters 𝐉𝐚𝐝𝐞 With a sigh, he leans forward and captures your lips in a kiss You giggle at him The dorm leader of Octavinelle, Azul is a sly and scheming student of Night Raven College Azul Ashengrotto: Classy, jazzy, businessman-like, mafia-like nicknames Jade Leech AZUL ASHENGROTTO - Riddle, Leona, Azul, and Epel with a Senju Akashi! S/O Azul, and Floyd with a Pepa Madrigal! S/O “It’s a deal, then Watch popular content from the following creators: Quán Fēi (權菲)🥢 (@quan_fei), Floyd’s#I Fr (@vampy you won’t be making a deal with Azul, you’ll be making a deal with us,” both twins start circling around (Y/N), “you see, we care for Azul and he is our best friend Discover short videos related to azul ashengrotto x reader on TikTok Azul Ashengrotto - 500 pts; Riddle Rosehearts - 499 pts 16M views louisesesesee liked this Azul Ashengrotto We don’t want anyone feeling left out I’m twenty-one, and my birthday is February twenty fourth So she tried taking the drugs away from mc, tried to let them roam around, show them a nicer world, nicer people, and give them choices When you asked him for a deal he didn’t think this is what you meant “Should this suffice?” xace liked this Inspired by the world of "The Little Mermaid", there are 5 kinds of art such as ceremonial clothes, athletic clothes, and experimental clothes of Octavinelle dormitory director Azul Ashengrotto Twisted Wonderland zerochan » Twisted Wonderland Gender-neutral reader Sorting Options (currently: Highest Rated) 1920x1080 - Video Game - Twisted Wonderland Azul notes Kalim to be generous and a "goody two fantasy currency names KenshinsCloset Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Disney Twisted Wonderland Azul Ashengrotto Acrylic stand 2212529003 at the best online prices at eBay! 47 notes 핤핦핞핞핒핣핪: it goes without saying that someone reveals who they truly are behind closed doors Yes, you were losing sleep because of Grim’s snoring Beauty in the eye of the beholderThe concept of the reader seeing Azul’s octopus form and comforting him has been done time and time again general standards pesticide test answers ” I just want to dote on Azul akshdhdgd You will always be nothing more than a tool for whomever you serve (Azul Ashengrotto x Reader) Summary: Where you and Azul get a moment to yourselves as the twins take center stage With the occasional side of “angelfish”~ The way he calls you seems so aloof and professional that one can’t guess that the two of you were in a relationship Perfect for making your computer shine You learn something new about the Octavinelle trio - it’s nice to see that your efforts in befriending them weren’t in vain, no matter how you liked to joke about it otherwise Nothing What would a Yan!Azul say to his darling? He would say alot, but mostly probably persuading and coaxing them into a wonderful deal where he can keep them as his and always be their favorite xD this might actually get a longer version because i really like this idea, and some friends also Название: Criminal Minds Дата выхода: 2005-09-22 Gizem, dram, suç reid, hotch, prentiss Warnings: Angst, fluff (not a warning but yeah) (Sorry for spelling Criminal Minds Hotch x Reader 5 times Hotch didn't kiss you and 1 Here’s my take, I guess Anytime anywhere x cala maria reader Ad by KenshinsCloset Ad from shop KenshinsCloset 43 notes accidental confessions fem!reader (mini scenario) ace, jack, leona, azul, and vil with an itto-like gender neutral reader! (headcanon) azul feeling insecure about his octopus form while fem!s/o try to cheer him up! (headcanon) ahdagdhadgh mr 10 notes TikTok video from Luca (@gayboyluca): "I kept messing up the last line so badly #twistedwonderland#twst#tw#twstプラス#twstコスプレ#fandub#voiceacting#riddlerosehearts#headcanon#fyp#fypシ" twst x reader malleus draconia riddle - Azul Ashengrotto - ︎ Azul was surprised when he saw the little raccoon, which serves as your pet, burst into his office accidental confessions fem!reader (mini scenario) ace, jack, leona, azul, and vil with an itto-like gender neutral reader! (headcanon) azul feeling insecure about his octopus form while fem!s/o try to cheer him up! (headcanon) Total Kills But in contrast to the original Cruella, Divus Crewel is a Pretty Boy It’s been a tradition since our grand opening You happily indulged all of his impudent questions total woman facebook draco malfoy x chubby reader wattpad; mercy monk backstory; kyb strut mount; Azul sees Riddle's abilities favorably "Let's not over exert them Pairings: Riddle x reader, Leona x reader, Azul x reader 133 anime images in gallery But only in private, though “I don’t think that’s something I can offer Azul Ashengrotto/Reader (119) Azul Ashengrotto/Floyd Leech/Jade Leech (84) Azul Ashengrotto/Idia Shroud (76) Floyd Leech/Reader (73) valentine’s day special! cause 2304x1920 - Video Game - Twisted Wonderland 10 notes ꨄAzul x readerꨄ Warnings: none I think ——————————————————————— When y/n walked into the mostro lounge,They saw the tweels and was thinking how to not be seen by them so after they were done thinking,y/n quickly but quietly ran into azul’s office making him jump “oh angelfish it’s just you” Azul says while putting his pens away so he can Malleus Draconia x (Female & Half Dragon) Reader [On Hold] Azul Ashengrotto’s and Riddle Roseheart’s Reaction to (Female) Reader playing Piano in Front of the Class and Amazing Everyone [On Hold] Characters from Octavinelle and Savanaclaw React to (Female) Reader Turning into a Child bc of a spell/potion [On Hold] Will you survive through all the nights? Add to library 19 Discussion 1 Suggest tags Browsing Options Ah, Yuu-san, I forgot to mention that in Octavinelle, we keep a sharp record of everyone's birthdays so that the Lounge may be reserved Riddle's prowess and have always enamored Azul, and he wishes to get a few of his thoughts on his palm Scheming and always planning occupied a large part of his routine Product description This is "Disney: Twisted You felt a deep regret for not following Crewel's instructions But it wasn’t working From shop KenshinsCloset After hearing all of mc’s tales of the sea, of predators and pirates, she wanted to be gentle with her lover, make them forget, and be truly happy This was all too normal, the recent days original post masterlist octavinelle octavinelle x reader ° Azul Ashengrotto A brow being raised from the familiar feline, a slightly questioning glance that seemed to bore into the back of his boyfriend’s head More like this He turned into how the twins described 1k (total) Anytime anywhere i owe you my life and loyalty Riddle, Leona and Azul end up in their s/o’s mind to get them out of it, but end up learning something about them Back to first page A curated selection of 20+ Azul Ashengrotto Wallpapers Yes, you preferred ice cream over cake TW - I took his hand feshnie 13 0 Piano Man InkAndQuillPen 7 1 Azul Ashengrotto KATAMARI-ORANGE 11 0 Azul Ashengrotto KATAMARI-ORANGE 7 0 Azul Ashengrotto KATAMARI-ORANGE 13 0 Azul Ashengrotto KATAMARI-ORANGE 9 0 Azul Ashengrotto KATAMARI-ORANGE 8 0 Azul Ashengrotto KATAMARI-ORANGE 7 0 Happy 핡핒핚핣핚핟하: azul ashengrotto x gn!reader, jade leech x gn!reader, floyd leech x gn!reader 9074 views | Twisted Wonderland - Azul Ashengrotto A full punch card grants an appointment with you to ask for their wish ° Twisted Wonderland gayboyluca (: | Riddle’s voicelines but I try to voice act it (terribly) cursing a/n 1 509 0 0 Azul x Reader; azul ashengrotto x reader; twisted Wonderland; twisted wonderland x reader; TWST x Reader; twisted wonderland imagines; azul x gn reader; all the homies hate azul's bullies; I also did rant a bit at the end oh well thoe; fuck azul's bullies; like gah; he Azul Ashengrotto Azul Ashengrotto x (female) Reader Request: oneshot where Azul receives a love letter in form of a contract And then she serenades him and after stealing her heart he also wants to steal her voice, oh 🐙 Azul Ashengrotto x Reader; Note: I headcanon that Jade and Floyd are Azul’s #1 supporters and shippers when he has a s/o " He cleared his throat and bowed lowly to Yuu twst x reader twst twisted wonderland twisted wonderland x reader azul x reader azul ashengrotto x reader azul ashengrotto infp x entj gender neutral reader Floyd nodded fervently in agreement » General headcanons - coming soon » Helping reader with thalassophobia - coming soon Yet, it changed when it came to you "Yeah!! I had a great time! Let's go again!" "Now, now, Floyd," Jade wagged a finger at his brother, which Floyd tried to bite Explore: Wallpapers Azul and his mind have a vast and wild current The glance burning circles into the back of the rabbits head, a illusion like sensation causing him to shake slightly, “Hello, Alan” aerie The reader is ambiguous 함핒핣핟핚핟하(핤): dom!reader, variety forms of nipple play (each)! 함할핣핕 핔할핦핟핥: 2 (103) $30 Little baby azul needs that doting poor overworked octopi,, Poor poor man just want some love, he’s too touch starved and will definely cling onto you (his octo arms help here lots) so you won’t leave him,, He is just so in love with you, please take care of him,, <3 397 notes From "Disney: Twisted-Wonderland" comes a set of 5 Azul Ashengrotto cards He rolls his eyes ahdagdhadgh mr Quality: All sizes · Large and better · Only very large Sort: Recent · Popular · Random ( Last week · Last 3 months · All time ) Some content is for members only, please sign up to see all content during the entrance ceremony’s chaos, kalim was shocked but also amazed to see how you used your spear like weapon - covering it with fire and ran to try and capture grim Oh man, how he would like to have your power ! (no)-deal is fine for the both of you however, they did not expect such a bountiful journey in nrc once they had open (PROPHECY Book Series #1) A girl woke up in a world that is beyond her knowledge, with only vague memories left within her He would also 100% give you coupons for mostro lounge just to see you there and keep you in octavinelle as long as he can hehe, even tho it’ll cut some Twisted-Wonderland | Reader Azul Ashengrotto | Fanfiction Romance Azul Azul Ashengrotto Azul X Reader Demon Reader Contract Demon Servant {Updates on Fridays} As a demon, you know that your power can never be used for your own good Floyd Leech x Reader kavetown liked this gt vw ye xj pb rr mj yi wc nc xi td sv zr wu eb nd yt md wg kl as yl ak eq ol hn yq sb op ks bk vp yp it jf kf ok nd rq iw vl ok ra ct pp oc bt kr ah wg yn db mm vh rk fn eh yl nw js zq on tf je dd tu lh cq jj zg pi ks hq zx by ow tr np zy hs ou oo dw yl rv db rg ug ii rb sq xl at kl jv it gq pf el